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Transferics is most broadly the study of our relationships with the world, and can be considered a synthesis of social and logistical sciences.  This blog focuses on transferics as it pertains to post-scarcity societies.  “Post-scarcity” does not imply the elimination of all want; it is used in the liberatory sense, meaning the elimination of artificial scarcity. Post-scarcity also means surmounting the scarcity of necessities; No person should go without food, water, clothing, shelter, or medicine.  Post-scarcity is primarily a social problem, not a logistical or technical problem.

Other treatments of post-scarcity, like the organizations advocating resource-based economies, or the highly-optimistic Kurzweillians are aiming for the former sense: The elimination of all want.  Transferics aims from the start to have both a strong foundation for actual implementation, a rigorous base of empirical support to hold up its claims, and a grounded, realistic view of the future.  Transferics shares an intellectual base with VIAAC theory, for which more information is available on its wiki.

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