Barriers to Change

Barriers to Change

By Andrew Zyskowski

Some people think that changing the world would require a lot of work because there are a lot of barriers that prevent things from getting done quickly and efficiently. The truth is that those barriers are illusions of the mind. When you see the lack of substance these barriers actually have, you can see how easy changing the world could really be if these barriers were exposed as the insubstantial concepts they really are.

Let’s compare the civilizations of the modern world to the game of baseball for a moment:

Baseball has certain rules in which the game is played, and every time someone plays baseball, they are agreeing to that set of rules. However, there is no physical limitation that keeps the rules in baseball in place. They only continue to exist because all of the participants are agreeing to abide by the same rules. For example, everyone agrees that a swing that misses the ball is a strike. If you miss the ball three times, you are out. If you hit the ball over the fence, that is a home run. What you must remember is that the game is only played this way because the players have agreed to it.

But what if someone were to invent a new way to play baseball? Let’s say he decides it should be five strikes instead of three, hitting the ball over the fence is an automatic out, and instead of running the bases counter-clock wise, you run the bases clock-wise. What is to prevent the game from being played that way, other than the lack of support from participants? There is no real, physical barrier to prevent this from happening. It is physically possible to play baseball this way.

It is the same as any other aspect of civilization. It is the same as how money works or is created, what gives money value, the economy and how it works, our electoral system, our constitution, our laws, our government, and anything else that is not based within the physical reality. If it is not prohibited by the laws of physics, it can be done.

When Rosa Parks refused to move, she was not agreeing to play by the rules. There was no physical basis in the law that said black people had to move to the back of the bus. It was just a metaphysical regulation that most people consented to. It was only as real as people allowed it to be. No physical limitation existed that prevented that change. My proof? The law was changed and now everyone of every race can sit on the bus where they want, provided that the seat they choose is not already occupied by another physical body.

Do you see how easy it actually is to overcome the “barriers” to changing the world? There are no physical barriers to changing how money works, how elections work, or how governments work. They work only by our consent, and a demand for change, provided it does not violate the laws of physics, can be met rather easily, in theory.

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