Pedantric If you’ve spent hours talking to brainwashed people, you are probably intimately familiar with the sexy art of pedantric wordplay: Involves playing erotically with just the tip of details, hovering around making a point, and stroking one’s ego, and after many hours, you explode.

Universal Basic Expropriation (UBE) A scheme whereby each citizen of a nation realizes his and her basic right to man’s common heritage and takes back the implements for their own subsistence. Most effective in the absence of government and the presence of fire.

Farmer John Fallacy According to right-wing “libertarians”, reality appears to be composed of two men swapping apples for chickens, or oranges for shoes, and all sociality can be reduced to this situation.

Pervasive Market Fallacy According to “anarcho”-capitalists, every possible action that a living or nonliving thing can take is actually an exchange. Therefore, economics is actually sociology, psychology, sexuality, science, art, math, and culture. Isn’t economics versatile?

White Wing See, the reason that wealth is mostly concentrated in the hands of white men is simply because they worked harder and aren’t criminals. Society can’t be “racist”, you silly liberal!

Closeability The ability for a community to be closed off from external inputs; compare to Autarky which is the state of being closed off from external inputs. Closeability provides resilience without independence, because dependence on others is a cause for sociality.


Right-wing Glossary

Free market The existence of freedom; any time when two people are not punching or murdering.

Freedom The existence of free markets; any time when two people are not stealing or raping.

Class Warfare When the poor try to take from the rich; theft and a violation of our most basic right.

Capitalism When the rich successfully take from the poor; free and voluntary association.

Socialism Not capitalism; a centrally planned system run by a dictator, responsible for genocide on an unprecedented scale, mass starvation, ecological destruction, and lack of freedom at work.

Democracy Your rights end where my nose begins, and democracy is the deployment of armed force in order to coerce me into doing things like not enslaving people, not polluting the Earth far beyond my lifetime, and other things which are perfectly ethical because of property rights.

Property Potentially, anything in the universe, e.g. air, ideas, meteors. Also your body, but you can’t sell it, and don’t ask me about abortion or I’ll have to change the subject. Dibs for people over 10.

Individual Freedom Literally, freedom for individuals. Not “individuals” as in all individuals, “individuals” as in some individuals; freedom from being shot, but not from being starved.