Mid-Atlantic Bronze Age / Upgrading the Future

Mid Atlantic Bronze Age

by Justin Gallant


We start on the dirt of earth
in the center of gravity

then the heavens become the new priority,

demons creep in your sleep
and humans are the third power

surprised at the lack of reality,
the human seeks community

fosters the black heart,
and thoughts began to spark.

What if domination were key,
and our whole basis is to appease?

God this god that,
we’re all caught in a mousetrap

and there really isn’t any power in being half master half slave half whatever you say

composing these roles specified.


Torturous chambers made of layers,

the kind you can’t crawl inside.

These chambers contain levers computed to slide

the only task is to monitor their
half-space, twice-paced stride.

And tomorrow isn’t anything
with a basis of capital,
a stitch of who’s wrong or right,

a fist full of gravel,
or half the shining moonlight.

We need to foster every day, every night

because in the beckons of tomorrow,
in the burrows of years ago,

the only wisdom comes from turning
those revolutions into everyday life.

Upgrading the Future


I’m sitting in a community
frustrated with changing economies,

touching basis on lakes, pools, streams,

focusing their energy on the effectiveness
of small scale legal battles,

and somehow precedent is the only solution to legislative cattle,

tromping in the inner portion of white walls, talking of straw polls,

acting like their interest isn’t for the progression of their popularity

in a job where voting is just a bowel,
eased into the shadows

corruption seeds from every plea,
democracy in a time of need,

and communism in a time of greed,
save the peace

and alter how

we divide earth’s commodities.


Reduction is just a stick to beat,
the carrot of consumption is all we see,

or what we pretend is free,
constrains society in direct complacency.

Maybe incentive is just
a characteristic made of the sun

maybe the forests are
coexistant creatures that love

When helping yourself
you help the whole world become

no one will have the option
to kill and starve or suffer from anyone.

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