The Irreducible Minimum: The radical idea that having more than enough for everyone means we should provide at least enough to anyone.

Post-Scarcity: The state of nonexistence of relevant scarcities, i.e., the state of each person having at least an irreducible minimum. No replicators required; could also be described as “uncapitalism” or “de-enclosure”. Your friend who studied econ 101 likes to redefine “scarcity” as “I’m pretty sure capitalism could never not exist,” or “not everyone can have an original Picasso.”

Anarcho-Primitivism: Nature good. Insulin bad! Fire good.  Farming bad!

Dark Enlightenment:  You remember the good ol’ days, back when society was ruled by incestuous royals? Man, it sure would be great to go back to how things were then.

Proprietarian Social Darwinism: Some call it “the right to own the fruits of your labor”. We call it what it is. Sort of like anarcho-primitivism, but with land lords instead of war lords.

Green Capitalism: A very funny oxymoron (not funny “ha ha,” funny “uh oh.”), brought to you by liberalism. Any guesses what the “green” might be referring to?

Bitcoin: We have computers that can solve billions of advanced math equations per second. We can now solve the economic calculation problem with computers …by inventing digital coins. Invest! Invest! Invest!

Sharing Economy: Capitalists have learned that sharing is far more profitable than being selfish. In the sharing economy, capital takes a small share of the costs, and in return gives a small share of the profits.

3D Printer: Why pay some money-grubbing capitalist for cheap plastic crap from China? Thanks to information age industrial technology, you can now buy the machine, the electricity, and the plastic to make it yourself! Post-scarcity is now possible!